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Breathing Through



Directed by Stan Adard | Reviewed by Adva Reichman

Breathing Through is a short magical video that takes you inside a mesmerizing world of enchanting colors and shapes. The visual beauty is enhanced by dreamy soft music and so, for a few minutes you can take a breath, clear your mind and just be.

According to its director, Breathing Through plays with the cinematic possibilities of a 360° VR environment, allowing the stages of life to be experienced both architecturally and psychologically. The movement serenades on screen, and it almost feels as if you can reach your hand inside and touch it.

The video explores the journey of consciousness from birth, through various stages of life and back into rebirth. That becomes especially clear as small human images float around on screen, appearing and vanishing into the space, leaving thoughts and ideas behind.

The concept for Breathing Through came to life during the pandemic. As an artist, the filmmaker set out to discover a new way to touch people, who now found themselves limited by the new reality the pandemic dictated. Since virtual space had become people’s outlet, it had also become the artist’s answer. And so, this beautiful video was created.

The gifted director, Stan Adard, is a Swiss artist and a pioneer in digital flow art.
His series of breathing pictures received international acclaims. The breathing effect of his digital art is created through an algorithm that mimics human breathing patterns, which he had developed specifically for The Breathing Pictures project.

Like the director, the talented composer, Mihaly Horvath, is also from Switzerland, and had been traveling as a musician since the late 1970s.

As we adapt to this new world, it is good to see that art can also follow, and that skillful artists search for new ways to reach out and engage their audiences. Can’t wait to see what concept Adard will develop next.

Adva Reichman is an Israeli writer-director based in Los Angeles; her latest film, Something to Live For deals with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and was screened at prestigious festivals. While in Israel, she worked in the Israeli news and on documentaries that revolved around major terror attacks and kidnappings that took place in Israel during the 70’s and 80’s. She is a graduate of the TV & Film Production MFA program at USC School of Cinematic Arts.


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