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Directed by Andy Morahan / Reviewed by Adva Reichman

Boogie man is the kind of film that will instantly put a smile on your face. It definitely did on mine. From searching for your place in the world to an impossible love quest, this film is all about finding out what it is you truly want, and then going for it.

This sweet romantic comedy follows Pavan, a17-year-old teenager, who struggles with his Indian cultural heritage in today’s London. On a 70’s themed party, he notices Stephanie, an older Caucasian actress, and immediately falls in love. Against all odds, Pavan, played by the very talented Kush Khanna,decides to find a way to her heart. Along with his two best friends, played by the gifted Karan Gill and Aston Merrygold, he comes up with a complicated plan to get his shot. But while he focuses on his new love interest, his family wants him to concentrate on his education and future.

Pavan’s father passed away at an early age so now he answers to his grandfather.After he dodges his mother’s attempts to discuss college plans, his grandfather decides to try next. The two can’t see eye to eye on Pavan’s future or love interest, which sets them on a collision course. Pavan, who is pressured into applying to a university, baffles with this decision and rebels against his family’s wishes. He rather spend his energy on finding on his own way while learning how to dance so he can impress Stephanie The next time he sees her.

This film will remind you how complicated it is being a teenager and deciding what your future should look like. Add to that, being a minority and feeling split between the country you grew up in and the culture your family comes from. All while trying to get a girl, who is way out of your league, to notice you – and you’ll get an hour and half of laughter, love and hope.

The director, Andy Morahan, did a terrific job setting us Pavan’s world and taking us on a journey through culture differences, impossible dreams and 70’s music. It doesn’t matter what your ethnicity is or where in the world you come from, because this film speaks a universal truth – finding one’s path is difficult, and life experiences and support from those around you, will help you choose your way.

Andy Morahan’s work with the actors was marvelous. The performances were strong and powerful, amusing yet heartfelt and left quite the impression. The family drama gave way to real love and care, which resulted in acceptance and the beginning of a new journey.

The characters were rich and full, providing different ways of thinking and advancing in today’s world. Pavan’s ultimate decision, which you’ll have to watch in order to find out, was in my eyes the perfect way of combining the old with the new. 

The set design and wardrobe were spectacular and brought to life Pavan’s clash of cultures. The mix of Indian attire with today’s London clothes and Pavan’s adoration for 70’s style, did an impressive job presenting the confusion Pavan was going through internally.

The choice to use 70’s clothes and music was wise and fun. In the words of Pavan, ‘it’s a classic’, and when new respects the old, you get beautiful results.

This production was impressive, start to finish, and deserves all the accolades it gets.The talented cast and crew managed to create something special that will both make you laugh and touch your heart. And in these uneasy days, it is exactly what we need.


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