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Directed by Samiran / Reviewed by Riya Saha

Parental conflicts are most harmful it can make families face extreme mental issues. The man-woman relationship sometimes becomes complex and it is the children who suffer.  Bonding is a 1-hour duration narrative film that deals with psychological problems faced by kids due to the separation of parents.  It’s an equation of life where there are too many variables like sex, love, marriage which never balances each other. Our perceived notion of expectations of love and hypocrisy makes us settle for much lesser in our real life.

Bonding story: The film ‘Bonding’ is all about the complexities of human relationships. Today we are living in a world of uncertainty, where our social relationships, commitments, Govt. policies, rules & regulations everything is uncertain and paradoxical.

Bonding directed by Samiran explains how an unsuccessful love relationship and also a failed marriage can affect others whether it’s a lover or a child. And then begins the story of how a child is estranged from his father and mother’s unhealthy relationship. The director has tried all conniving ways to explain the present condition if the lead actor Deep. Deep had a tormented past, as his family got separated in his childhood, it took a toll in his mental health, and he went for mental counseling in his childhood, but as he grew up the same mental illness can back, and he felt that a perfect relationship need a strong bonding and that cannot happen because his parents had a failed relationship and the same may happen to him.

He seeks psychological consulting, but the doctor refers him to a doctor, he comes back home and consults his father who is himself a doctor. He recommends Deep to visit his friend’s home who is the best psychiatrist. Deep visit his place and here he meets Raima Mukerjee – Rai daughter of his father’s friend.

He befriends Rai and becomes impressed by Rai’s joyful character, and also her love for the Love Birds. Deep starts heeling, under the psychological guidance of the doctor and also falls in love with Rai. But Rai is in love with another guy Raj, later Rai comes to know that Raj is in love with another girl Riya.

The rejection from Raj left a deep tool on Rai and she loses mental balance. Despite Deep’s proposal she rejects deep and could not recover herself from the rejection. After years, deep settles down and names his daughter as Rai as he could not forget her.

Winner Movie Review:

The film has been successful in explaining that there is no such thing as a relationship entirely free from conflict and disagreement, and surely all children see their parents argue at one time or another. When parents relate to each other calmly and positively even during a disagreement, solve the problem together, and show children through their subsequent interactions that the conflict has been resolved, and then the children may be unaffected. But when you do not care about your children then it can surely affect their health. But in case you are affected, taking mental treatment can open new paths, and help you to accept the reality.

In the case of Rai, rejection from the one she loved dearly caused her to pull away from others and it leads to chronic feelings of loneliness and depression. Losing raj compelled her to engage in obsessive thinking and compulsive behavior.

We need to deal with rejection, and loss of someone we love. The script is simply amazing and it deals with the growing impact of mental illness. The actors were amazing in their respective characters. Moreover, I must say deep performed well as a hero. Rai, on the other hand, makes her presence felt both with his composed and classy act as well as his stylish attitude. Songs do impress when you get to hear Rabindra sangeet.

Having said all that, Bonding can be your guilty pleasure when you want to indulge in the positive outcome of mental illness with all the high-octane drama. Bonding is an amazing film with a strong message of mental illness and finding treatments for it. It shows us how to accept rejection and give your life a new scope.


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