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Blitto Underground

Directed by Henry Horenstein/ Reviewed by Diyashi Sharma

There is always a lot more happening that is beyond our imagination and knowledge.

Director Henry Horenstein is trying to portray the same thing through his movie Blitto Underground. The movie revolves around a man named Blitto Falcone, an entertainer, a singer and a musician from Buenos Aries.

The film opens with a scene of nightlife where people are enjoying themselves keeping their gaurds down and later we see Blitto sharing his experiences about how hit om by different men, and how he differently reacts to different person.

Moreover, the next scene has bunch of photos of different people with different body modulations and choices of preferred calling terms and drag queens .

The film not even once failed to amaze me, and made me think how diversified our culture and world is.

Blitto is loved and adored by everyone near and around him. His music and presence makes everyone happy and radiates a positive energy and vibe.

He takes us with him in a journey, where we get to experience individuality, accepting people different sexuality with open heart, loving everyone including animals, spreading happiness and enjoy life while struggling with it.

The director never let us feel bore about the film and beautifully portrayed each person and was able to uphold their true emotions in front of us.

The editing and cinematography of the film was on point, portraying the different layers and shades of Blitto and other people while they were talking about themselves and Blitto.

Blitto describes how animals are integral part of human lives and how they should be loved and cared for always, while sharing the incident about how his pet was with him when he was going through a very tough time.

Throughout the film, people shared different anecdotes surrounding Blittoand also how they are living their lives and doing things they enjoy while many people look down on them.

The documentary gives a warm fuzzy feeling with a pang in our heart, to see them struggle and being negatively talked about.

Blitto is shown how his parents and family are accepting and always encouraging him to do what he loves to do and grow more as a person and succeed in lie.

Blitto is in meeting new people every day and growing up a community for his friends, entertainers and “freaks as he calls them”, which is inclusive to everyone seeking for acceptance and be a part where people helps each other to grow and love everyone.

And during the last scenes, his happiness and joy is reflected from his behavior when he was reminiscing the old days, where he performed and how he performed showing he over 300 shows and how he actually succeeded in building up a community, where everyone supports each other.

This film is a revelation in many ways, also asking people to look beyond a person’s choice of sexuality or preferences, be more humble and accepting to everyone, and create a place where everyone is nice to everyone.


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