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Beyond Human: The Last Call



Beyond Human: The Last Call | Reviewed by Gaurav Dutta

Beyond Human: The Last Call, a documentary movie one-hour long directed by James Matthew Storm taking into consideration the real life event done by the Heaven’s Gate Cult in the year of 1997, known to be the biggest mass suicide in the history of America. A cult formed by Marshall Applewhite had committed suicide and he himself preached that he was a follower of Jesus.

In this movie, a group is on their way to the place known as the Heaven’s Gate and has only directions to reach the place, no specific location has been provided. They all are equipped with cameras, flashlights and even handcuffs and different tools, on their way to investigate this house where such suicides were committed. The movie possesses a creepy element from the beginning and keeps filling the audience with the past stories of Marshall Applewhite, to give more information about the tragedy. The group reaches their destination, and slowly move into the house. We all are greeted with broken windows, glass shards all over the floor, some furniture broken down and stashed to somewhere most probably a storeroom. As they enter more in to the depths of the house, we see shards of glasses filled with red color seemingly “blood.”

With the progression of the movie, the interest of the viewers is gathered as it gets thrilling in its own way as we go ahead. The whole movie is shot through a camera lens, giving it a beautifully realistic approach. After a long way when they reach a section of the house which leads to a monastery things turn quite freaky. As they make their way inside, suddenly a woman’s shriek is heard so loudly that they all gush out of the house in panic. But one of them wants to go back because they have spent a lot in this production and don’t want to leave all the expensive equipment behind.

As the conclusion builds in, our group reenters the building to get their equipment back, and as they reach their missing camera suddenly, they are greeted with voices coming from the basement, that appear to be human and are told to lie down on the ground and leave any weapons if they are armed, the follow what they are told and suddenly from a low angle kept camera, we see two people , whose boots are only visible take them down to the basement while the camera stays in the same place. Meanwhile, a Marshall Applewhite speech seems to be going on while a person returns to close off the camera and the movie ends with no clear ending.

The viewers are given a questionable ending, where they are free to make their own findings through the film and information they are provided. The case remains unsolved but the noises and shrieks are something to be thought of, as there is no clear explanation for them. This is a great movie depicting a true story and has all the elements from cameras and storyline to create a surreal experience.

Gaurav Dutta is a graduate from Kolkata, schooling from St. josephs college having a passion for writing since childhood and a love for coding and gaming at the same time!


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