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Awesome Burger

 Directed by Will Barker  |  Reviewed By Riya Saha


Have you ever wondered why do we want to escape reality? Why we crave a different life? We work hard for a living and surely we have to adjust with the type of life we have. The story of humans are different, each one of us has a different story of our life.

‘BOREDOM’ is apart of it. And this is why we need a change or want to escape to a different world. “Awesome Burger” directed by Will Barker deals with a surreal storyline where he tried to create a world within a film. An experience you could immerse yourself in and go on an adventure. Something obscure and surreal but also familiar.
This senior thesis film has a story to say, it has something for its views and also something to teach.
Throughout the film, you will feel like there is an adventure to unlock and once you’ve returned from the adventure you feel like you’ve learned something but you’re not sure what it is.

A Short Brief Into The Story

Sydney works at a fast-food restaurant called “Awesome Burger”. The written language is unreadable, people are hard to communicate with, things are made of cardboard, and she is haunted by a face that manifests itself in objects around her. Sydney has adjusted to living with this misunderstanding of the world, but slowly the threads of the universe unfold as she is taken on an adventure of discovering her reality.

Does The Film Have Anything To Teach Us?

Yes, sure it has! In life, we come across situations where everything seems very overwhelming and confusing. We also face circumstances where there are lots of problems that we did not know how to solve. For a period of time, start changing the way you think. Start doing something that pleases your inner self. Or remove all the questions of uncertainty – like “Why this certain problem came into my life”, “Will I ever be able to fulfill my dreams” and etc, etc…
Remember, the world has a place for the fighters, and you must be one of them. So, embrace something that you love to do because it provides an environment where you can escape from the current reality.


How Did Sydney Come Out Of The Monotony Of Life?

Sydney solved her problem by escaping to an adventurous world as a different character and in a predefined environment. It provided her a way to ‘check things off her list’ and get a sense of accomplishment that I could not do quickly in real life.

The Performance


Performed by Jessica Jaffe, the lead. Jessica has an interesting face, and ‘Yes’ her expressions were quite real. And the way she carried on the whole film is quite relatable.

To be precise to live we have to be a part of the “Rat Race”. Wake Up, have breakfast, not have breakfast, catch the bus or drive to the office, meet deadlines, handle work pressure and come back late night. Again wake up and have the same life.


The same happened for Jessica, but her escaping the unreal work, made her discover herself. Throughout the film, the actress has expressed every bit of her protest for the monotony of life. She had the right energy to express her mood when she needed to be happy, suspicious, anxious and happy. The audio was quite real, and kudos to the director, for creating a such a brilliant award-worthy film.

So, if you are bored with your present life, there is really no harm in finding an adventurous world like Sydney. Moreover, Trust Me “It’s Fun”.




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