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Directed by Alyazia Nahyan

Sometimes one needs to lose himself in order to find the things he was looking for. Letting the worry wash away and devote yourself to a once in a life time experience. Only when you’re truly willing to see, you could understand what you needed to learn and how to decipher what you’ve been given. Poetry and art are society’s treasures, and as such should never be taken for granted. But understanding the true meaning behind each creation can be challenging at times.

This marvelous film is a great example of diving deep into the past and exploring the true meaning of misinterpret poetry. Finding the magic, taking the time to comprehend it and then share it with the world is what poetry should be about.  

In ‘Athel’,Salma, a famous presenter,prepares to film her show about Tarfa, anoted pre-Islamic poet.When an unexpected sand storm appears and disrupts the shoot, Salma finds out her son is lost and wanders into the desert to find some peace.

Set in the picturesque desert of the United Arab Amirates, ‘Athel’ takes Salma, and us, on a beautiful quest to find the meaning of lost words. Without realizing, Salma is left behind as her crew tries to find cover from the coming storm. Instead of worrying about what could be and the dangers that might lie ahead, Salma finds herself in the midst of a mysterious encounter that makes her rethink what she thought she knew. Through that experience, Salma finds the answers she was searching for, and sees the truth she must to share with the world. As the crew returns, and her son is found unharmed, Salma can resume her mission. She now has the opportunity to do justice and tell her viewers all about who Tarfa really was.

‘Athel’ was written by the talented Shamsa N.The gifted director, Alyazia Nahyan, says she began the creation of this film by reminiscing about ancient Arabic poetry and the role that the wide sandy desert plays in their lives. With that, she set off to create a film led by a strong woman who seeks forgotten answers.

Salma, played by the skilled Hala Shiha, brought the script to life with her undeniable talent. The cinematography, done by Alessandro Martella, is stunning and manages to successfully capture the emptiness that the desert can portray and still fill it out with endless opportunities and warmth. The music choices and great sound work complimented the short film and together created an enjoyable piece.

This isn’t the first time the director’s displays her work. In 2007, Alyazia Nahyan founded Anasy Media who since produced various films that has screened on iTunes, Virgin Megastores and TV. Some of her past work include the successful documentaries ‘Home of History’, ‘Future’s Nation’, ‘Serat Al Ehsan’, ‘Common Ground’, ‘The Desert Superstars in 3D’, ‘The Tainted Veil’ and ‘Nanny Culture’.

‘Athel’ is the kind of film that will make you want to read poetry again, and search for deeper meaning. After such a great film, I’m looking forwards to see what else the director has instore for us.


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