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“Thoughts come like a push and our choosing just happens on its own.”
Review by Arindam Bhunia

A line of thought because, many times we anticipate something but we execute the other. Sometimes it results also grievous and then we use to blame ourselves only and our subconscious mind fills with remorse for our guilt. On the odd occasion I also feel the same and that’s why during watching the film the dialogue hit my ears. And after completing the film somewhere I felt relieved and untroubled. That is the magic of the award winning short film ME (ASMAD) and director Prabhjit Dhamija. This short film will help you to perceive relief and exemption from the feeling of self-accusation. It will drag you from the dark so that you can realise the new ME in you.

ME is a story of an young boy Sunny who lives in a beautiful small village in the lap of Himalaya. Sunny is different from his companions. The poor boy pretends himself responsible for his mother’s death and that guilt has made him isolated and set apart him from the whole world. He helps his father in his work and delivers food to the village-homes. Reserve natured Sunny feels a little comfortable only before his sir for whom also he used to take food. He blows the lid off his feeling before sir. But sir’s one question drew a line in his heart. Who is this ME? The question succours Sunny to find the key of his confusion over the relationship between our thoughts and actions.

Director Prabhjit Dhamija has beautifully procured current and bygone set of circumstances in this short film. Sunny’s late arrival with the medicine for his mother was due to his defective cycle. On that ill-fated day his cycle got damaged and instead of running Sunny went to repair his cycle first and from that very day the poor boy accuse himself for his mother’s death. In the current day Sunny comes and break down before the tree under which he took the decision to repair his cycle. This soul-stirring scene has extraordinarily picturized by the director. To know how an incident and his sir’s word will help Sunny to get rid of from his remorse and help him to get a new life, we definitely have to watch the film.

ME is ‘visually’ stunning, ‘smells’ of freshness in every frame and ‘touches’ your heart in every second. The eternal beauty of Himalaya has perfectly utilized by the person behind camera and in editing the work is simply impeccable. Every performance in the film is well accomplished. Playing such a character with so much innocence and expressions, the young boy is simply outstanding in every aspect and wins your heart unconditionally. All the actors are very lively and perfect in their respective roles. But the real hero of the film is its unparallel dialogues. ‘‘We have no real control over the relationship between our thoughts and actions. The trap is the imaginary me, which makes one suffer, with no actual reality of it at all’’ these lines will still kick your mind after completing the film also. ME is not just a film, it is a sweet psychological therapy.


Cult Critic: Arindam BhuniaArindam Bhunia is a marketing manager in an MNC with more than eight years of work experience in electrical field. Apart from his corporate job, he has interest in cultural activities so he joined Human Lab Corporation as Chief Executive Officer. He oversees strategic planning for film, television and video game production, marketing and distribution for the company’s business verticals worldwide. He is also responsible for overseeing finance, legal, labour relations, technology and HLC Studio operations.



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