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Directed by Andrea Recchia/ Reviewed by  Aindrila Chatterjee

“The complexity of human relationships is never simple to follow; it is like intricate lacework, but lacework made of steel.” – Mignon G. Eberhart

A human relation is one person’s relationship or connection with another person. It means how an individual man or woman is related or connected to another man or a woman. In general, it implies how people interact and cooperate with each other when they come together in a group to achieve objectives. Human relations mostly include or revolve around :- Interactions happening among people, Conflicts that arise out of these interactions, Collaborations formed if conflicts get resolved successfully, and Groups emerged as a result of such successful collaborations.

According to Keith Davis, “Human relations are motivating people in organizational settings to develop teamwork that accomplishes the individual, as well as organization’s goals efficiently.” According to Keith, human relations are about, first bringing people together within some structure or framework of an organization. Then motivating or inspiring them to achieve their personal, as well as organizational objectives jointly, by working hard as a team.

Ascoltati is a narrative comedy. It deals with the issues of human relationships, but wants to play with people’s destiny and fragility, friendship and pain mix together. Emotions became the winner in most cases when it overlaps upon the human relations. This is clearly visible when look closely between two people who shares the bonding of love between them, yet they never spoke to each other. It is also visible when we see someone have lost his/her near or dear ones. We rely upon the strength of human relationships to survive and thrive. The relationship between fathers and children raised in different families, but with the same problems.The film is shot on modern time in Bologna, Italy, which is experiencing its greatest change, thus beginning to go against hand through crisis and globalization.

Andrea, the protagonist, depressed and of few words, shaken by his destiny, begins a journey that will cross the city; a profound search for himself, of the right frequency.The character in this narrative comedy has a great regret. He never have been confided with his mother whom he loved very much, but never had the courage to speak to her in the eyes. Now, he would like to go back to his past, want to go back to his mother.On his way he meets other protagonists, who will go through some of the most complicated changes in their life, trying never to lose their poetic gaze, which makes them so special, also because it takes courage to feel the pain.A dialogue begins with Leonardo, his childhood friend, a psychologist, questions and answers will allow Andrea not to be held back by fear and custom, but to find the courage to resolve by recreating himself. The strength of the original human relationship provides a path into the future, and helps to define what is possible.

Andrea Recchia was born in Bologna (Italy) 1972. Andrea lives in Bologna where he graduated in electronics, employee at Fire Fighters Corp with tasks related to emergency telecommunications. He began his career as author and director with the short film “Polvere” and the documentary film “L’arte del riposo”. Andrea’s first movie is “La Vita di Pal” produced by Myoki Film on 2018.His love for music made him Music producer since High school. He cultivates and develops a strong and personal passion for the camera by making music video clips. In 2019 he wrote and directed the feature film “Ascoltati”.


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