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An Electric Sleep



An Electric Sleep| Reviewed by Gaurav Dutta

“An Electric Sleep” a movie directed by Theo Brown follows the onset of being mysterious and full of secrets. The movie begins with a person working on some kind of computer chip, giving us a brief idea of what the movie’s plot, being biomechanics but it shortly seems to be turned into bioterrorism as there is a virus on the loose, affecting people and there is no cure for it. The main lead seems to be a couple Wally and Amber, who are doctors and specialized in the field of biomechanics and prosthetics working on the antidote.

The whole story does not reveal almost anything for a long duration but keeps us intrigued to know more about it building up for the climax. Margot, a girl who is carrying a fake identity named as Gabby, seeming she does not know that herself as her acting skills show, is introduced and appears to have been infected by the virus. Some people seem to be hunting her down as we see a sniper being pointed at her. It is made clear later when she is captured that there is a group wanting information out of her about the virus.  There are many twists and turns at every turn of the movie as we go ahead, clearing all the doubts in our minds.

There are moments of action which act as a visual treat to us and the use of scientific equipment is appealing. The automated sniper, invisible cloak suit, memory projector and the main element being the “prosthetic android.”  Margot is found to be efficient and ruthless as she goes laying down a bloodbath as she keeps defeating her enemies throughout acting as the action hero in the movie. She reaches Wally’s house to search for answers, stealing the virus from the people who captured he after noticing images of him in the grasp of her capturers. At their house she uses the cloak to hide herself and poisons their food with the virus with a plan to force them to give the antidote to them and cure herself unaware that they don’t have it and the story takes a vivid change at this point.

Now, we get to know the main turning point, answering all the questions, showing that Wally is actually dead, or in fact killed by the virus in the past, it was supposed to be tested on him so that her wife can find the cure, but things got worse and he suffered a brain seizure. He is alive through an android prosthetic made by her wife to keep him alive and fed with memories of them having a child. This child was put up for adoption after Wally was infected, but Wally had memories that ran in a loop for 10 years till he got to know at this point. In a while, the memory projector is passed on to Margot and it is found that Margot is their child who was put up for adoption and the family is reunited in this moment but meanwhile the group who captured Margot were coming to kill her as they noticed the stolen vial of virus missing and have already understood that she knows all the truth by now.

In the conclusion of the movie, Amber dies due to the infection of the virus spreading which was mixed in her food, and Wally after getting all the answers goes through her memories realizing the only cure was the android prosthetic and he tries to reuse it to save his family, in the time being Margot fights off the group and kills each of them. 

The end is not exactly clear and is given to the choice of the viewers to give in to thought, because in the finale the house is burnt into flames by a surviving gang member but the family is seen to be living and alive in some other reality or memory or a loop, but the movie ends in a cliffhanger showing the gang member finding them again, and telling people through a earpiece of them being “here.” The end can’t be termed as a flaw in this movie, because the intention of the movie seems to be always mysterious and that’s what they focused on till the finale.

A graduate from Kolkata, schooling from St. josephs college having a passion for writing since childhood and a love for coding and gaming at the same time!


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