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Directed by Jörg Reichlin / Reviewed by Adva Reichman

Sometimes you have to lose yourself in order to find yourself. It can be a long road until you truly discover your voice, what you want to say and what you have to say. Once you figure that out, you still need to find a way to get others to listen. That is part of the journey Wolfgang went through in the film ‘Am Rande der Zeiten’.

Written, directed and starred by Jörg Reichlin, ‘Am Rande der Zeiten’ describes the creative crisis of poet Wolfgang Hanebrecht. Wolfgang enjoyed some success following his first novel but struggles to write the second one. He leaves Germany and heads towards Zurich where he stays at his friend’s cabin. As he tries to work on his novel, we get beautiful glimpses into his mind and creative process. Those however are forced aside by his real desire – poetry.As Wolfgang slowly loses touch with reality, his daughter, publisher and other acquaintances try to force him to finish the job he was paid to do.

Wolfgang however, stays true to his dream and tries to self-publish his poems, selling them on the street to random passersby. His character’s optimism, even in the darkest hour, is part of his strength but at times this trait almost brought upon his downfall.

His choices lead him down a dangerous path and he finds himself homeless, living under a bridge and associating with other homeless men. Through all of it, he still keeps his laptop and writes. Will he find a way to pull himself out of this situation, finish the book, and reunite with his daughter in Germany? And will or won’t he give up on his real dream?

You’ll just have to watch to find out.

Reichlin‘s directing style complimented his talent and truly made the film what it is. The cinematography, done by Hans Schellenberg,was striking and worked beautifully with the exquisite locations.The music and editing kept the story going and the supporting actors were great. The talented Silke Franz, who played Wolfgang’s daughter, Anna, brought in the tougher yet loving attitude Wolfgang and the film needed. Her charm shined, even through the laptop skype screen.

‘Am Rande der Zeiten‘ is beautifully made. Jörg Reichlin’s acting is heartfelt, genuine and strong. His role as Wolfgang was magnificently acted. He does a remarkable job carrying the film on his shoulders. His subtle facial expressions, attributes and charisma fill the screen and leave the viewer mesmerized.

Jörg Reichlin graduated from the Acting Academy in Zurich in 1973. He acted in over 70 films and performed countless roles on stage in Germany. Although he identifies mainly as an actor, Reichlin also writes theatre plays, musicals, and screenplays which gained him great success. This film will surely do the same.

This slice-of-life film will remind you of the power of art and the important role it plays in our lives. Wolfgang almost lost it all, but he still managed to show us how powerful dreams can be. While he took it to the extreme and put himself at risk, we can use it as a reminder that art can give you comfort, and that passions are not to be easily discarded. It’s all about the balance, and in these days, that is quite a thing to remember. Bravo to the creators.


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