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Directed by Matt Gill / Reviewed by Subarna Chatterjee

Directed by Matt Gill this masterpiece has a beautiful soundtrack which goes hand in hand as the story unfolds. The story mainly projects the hidden anger which the protagonist (Actress) contains within herself for years towards her brother. But due to untimely circumstances and sudden demise of her brother the feeling of anger blew off as an behavior which is a mixture of grief and anger both. The change of emotions with which the lady deals is projected in a beautiful and captivating manner and the background soundtrack worked really well in highlighting the strong emotions which the director has tried to portray.

Short Films have a very short time to portray a full concept but this representation has completely stand up to the expectations may it be acting wise, direction wise or overall, as a package. The film didn’t have any dialogues but the emotions and expressions were so strong that anyone even with not much knowledge about cinema can grasp the flavor it wants to showcase. The transition from the grief and anger to the love after seeing the letter from her brother is filled with so much emotions and carried so well by the actress that it is a treat for the eyes.

Let’s elaborate this on a broader perspective:

The plot has originality as it is one of a kind which appeals to a wide range of people due to its outstanding on-screen performance. The story has a charm of its own. The expression delivery and creative approach towards the story building makes it a good piece of art. It is not an everyday simple story; it is something different out of the box which strikes the right chord with the audience’s mind and heart.

Direction The director has wonderfully crafted this masterpiece with such strong performance and a strong depiction of emotions such as anger and anguish and love. The director knew exactly how and what to show and how dramatically well.Each shot taken made a good presence and made the scenes look so promising

Performances As I have mentioned the protagonist(Actress) have performed her best. She has been a pillar in making the film stand out as a whole. Apart from her other character roles played like her brother and brother’s friend are also displayed quite well and effectively. The performances are the best part of the short film.

Sound/Music The highlight of the movie is absolutely the soundtrack and the background music.  Every movie has an aspect which makes it different. In this one the aspect is for sure it’s music. The detailing about each and every music be it be the background score or the music used to make the expressions look the best, the work done on the music part is beyond excellence. The music director and sound designer deserve round of applause for so much depth in the work produced.

I would summarize this piece of art to be a beautiful depiction of emotions and well-versed acting as a whole. Full credits to the entire cast and crew to make something like this.Adrienne Edelman is a beautiful cinematic representation which deserves a lot of appreciation as a whole. Words fall short to explain the magnificence cinematic expression it has delivered. The engaging content is one to hook up to. One will fall in love with the acting skills of the characters. It constantly creates a tension in the scene and also in the mind of the viewer about what is going to happen next. The plot has a lot in depth which doesn’t meets the eye at once and needs a lot of understanding about film to understand the inner meaning of the plot. This brilliant piece of art deserves appreciation for its brilliance which it has shown in regards of every aspect of filmmaking in respect to this particular one. The credit definitely goes to the entire cast and crew as a whole and the dedication and hard work that they have put into this to make the output look so good on screen.


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