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A New Strong Spring

Directed by Luciano D. Urietti & Luca G. Gabriele

“A new strong spring” beautifully exhibits the dawn of a new day in Italy in particular and hopefully in the world in general.The film symbolizes the importance of being there for one another, men and women, young and old. Only together, we can withstand the hardships of life, and only together we can win, and let out a healthy smile.  

The film opens with beautiful cinematic shots that made me wish for more. Then, we see a mother and son, holding flag colored balloons, pass by a man on a wheelchair. As the little kid looks into the older man’s eyes, a connection is made. The mother and son carry on, but soon realize the man needs help. The son returns and assures him they’re in this together, tying his balloons to the man’s wheelchair. After they assist him, the three continue as a group and visit the sports monument they all came for. Sports is a team work, that when is done right, can lead to glorious achievements. The three acknowledge that before moving on to share another special moment. The film ends when the kid releases his balloons to the sky.

The actors, Anna BormioliBrandino, Stefano Saccotelli and Giacomo Costantino, delivered simple yet sweet characters. Combined with heartfelt music and great cinematography work, the directors managed to hit the right beats. The editing could have been tweaked in certain place to better match the tone the rest of the film delivered, but the overall experience was still unique. 

This short 4 minute film sends a strong message of unity in a time where we need it most. In their description of the film, the directors, Luciano D. Urietti, and Luca G. Gabriele, write: Three true sportsmen visit a great memory. One big passion. United can win, again and again. Only those who have no heart have no memory, but who has no memory has no future.

And so, if we remember the past, we remember each other, and we remember to help one another, we can achieve a better future. And after all that Italy and the world went through in the last year, we definitely should be working on a better future.


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