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“Social media enables word of mouth at an unprecedented scale. Its most powerful effect, through reviews and recommendations, is to put product quality and value for money as the key to success in commerce. Social brings a level of transparency that prevents marketers from advertising their way to success without underlying product quality.” – Roelof Botha

ON DEMAND WRITING SERVICES: There is no doubt that the digital era has helped to increase the number of films production and festival events significantly but at the same time it has also made the competition very tough. Many of the potential films and filmmakers are now being lost in the crowed. Today it’s really challenge for an independent filmmaker to give his / her work visibility. The purpose of Cult Critic’s Writing Services are to give visibility to the potential filmmaker, films and standard festivals. We offer in depth review writing service for both films and the festivals. The review is a targeted and to-the-point critique that is aimed at film watchers; the perfect for publicity for your film. The festival reviews are long in-depth overviews of the event. Both have a small fee required due to the time they take and the fact that requests submitted here are guaranteed to be covered when officially submitted.


Cult Critic Film Magazine: Creative Services

Need to know the reception of your film from the perspective of a film watcher? Want powerful publicity that will get people into festivals to watch your film and requesting it at Netflix? Then our Creative Services and Critical Review is right for you. Our reviewers are film enthusiasts who enjoy Indie films as much as they enjoy Hollywood films. As such, they’ll give your film a fair shake and tell other film viewers what they liked and what didn’t work for them in a short, succinct review that’s great for press kits and getting folks to request your movies; Paranormal Activity as an example.

If you submit a competent, well-crafted film, they’ll watch the entire film before writing the review. Then you’ll have a shot at winning our CULT CRITIC AWARD. However, if you’ve made some colossal mistakes; your audio is messed up, your camerawork gives people migraines, or your actors can’t act – they’ll stop and let you know exactly at what point you lost them. That alone is powerful information.


1. You will be required to submit a secure online screener (Vimeo or YouTube link) of your film.
2. We don’t accept DVD, Blu-ray or Hard disc for reviewing the film.
3. We do not critique or review pornography, as this is a serious filmmaking magazine.
4. Reviewers will be assigned as befits compatibility and open-mindedness with a film’s genre.
5. All reviews are final and will not be altered or removed once they are posted at Cult Critic, regardless of the final result.
6. If you make major changes to a film, you may request an additional review for your film, but you will pay the standard submission price and the old review will also be view-able.

There is a small charge to recoup our costs for the 8 – 10 hours it takes to critique most films. We keep our costs as close to the cost of a film festival submission as we can, so that it’s affordable to you. To submit your films for the Critique and Publishing of your review in CULT CRITIC, please send us the secure online screener (Vimeo or YouTube link) of your film to and make payment by clicking one of the buttons below:

Feature Film (Narrative or Documentary)
Length: 40 Minutes or Longer
Charges: $80


Short Film (Narrative or Documentary)
Length: Less than 40 Minutes
Charges: $40





Cult Critic Magazine: On Demand Creative Services

Arguably one of the most exciting aspects of the movie industry are the film festivals which appear all over the world, promoting the best and newest movies from tenured filmmakers as well as up-and-coming filmmaking talent. Indeed, the sheer amount of film festivals which can now be attended internationally is staggering. Through our Festival Review service, we scour the globe (by which we mean social media) for the most diverse and eclectic mix of film festivals happening around the world, and promote them here. Much like our Film Reviews, we do not discriminate on any kind of budget or scale. The events you see here are simply ones we think our beloved readers will find most interesting, and hope to bring them to your attention. So, Reach more filmmakers and increase submissions with these marketing services.

To inquire about a festival review please contact us at




Cult Critic Magazine: On Demand Creative Services

We support independent filmmakers from all over the world and strive to introduce their new works to a more demanding audience. We can help them develop their own fan base globally, by providing media coverage and documentation of their careers in development. Maintaining a chronology of your achievements is a big plus for promotion and a published interview is one of the many attributes that will embellish your portfolio.

Published Interview:
Charges: $80


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