Cult Critic Film Magazine Mise en Scene: DronesGreetings once again and thank you for joining us for this month's edition of Cult Critic Film Magazine. May has some new surprises in store from HLC Studios. HLC (Human Lab Corporation) is also happy to announce their new editing and graphics studio, soon to be up and running in the weeks to come.

At Cult Critic our publishing staff is always working to bring you the most useful and empowering information from the world of indie and art house filmmaking. From film reviews and interviews with promising, as well as seasoned indie filmmakers, to the technical pros and cons of cinematography, to the financial markets of the global motion picture and digital entertainment industry; our writers are always engaged. We want to bring you down to street level, where the art and business of filmmaking really live. As writers, artists and filmmakers who remember just starting out, they can all tell you, ”If it was easy, everybody'd be doin' it!”

So here we are. Another great experiment conducted in the name of the Arts. Specifically the visual art of independent filmmaking. Cinema is the one unique art form, offering the technology to filmmakers today which encompasses anything you can imagine - that the viewer can enjoy without ever actually having to be there!

Today Virtual Reality is more prevalent than ever. Combine that with drone technology and the limits are close to non-existent for the independent filmmaker. More and more drone films are finding their way into the festivals from a diverse cross section of cinematographers from around the world. It's a whole new perspective from our point of view, so stay tuned. There's much more to come from HLC Studios and Cult Critic Film Magazine.

Thank you for your consideration.

Cult Critic Film Magazine
Eric Justin Wickes
Managing Editor

Cult Critic Film Magazine

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