“I foresee no possibility of venturing into themes showing a closer view of reality for a long time to come. The public itself will not have it. What it wants is a gun and a girl.  ― D.W. Griffith

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Welcome to the March 2018 issue of Cult Critic magazine. With Spring knocking on our door we entered another month filled with amazing films. Spring is the season when everything sprungs with life – from a tinny flower to all the animals that wake up from their winter sleep. So it’s of no surprise when the same phenomenon happens in the world of cinema as well. In this month we got plenty of new film submissions – more than we could ever ask for. It seems filmmakers are like flowers – when the first sun rays shine over their creative minds, new ideas come to life. Our motto has always been to focus and inspire independent and newly emerging filmmakers through guided directions by sharing information from the world of Indie and Art-house filmmaking.

We try to conjugate the various aspects of filmmaking with film reviews, interviews, tech tips, analysis of some cinematic legacies and detailed reports on global motion picture and digital entertainment industry. This path brings out new cinematic voices, reinforces a global culture of filmmaking with no frontiers of any kind, and promotes the passion to capture and reinvent the world through cinema. With that, we hope you’ll imagine us at least as a single ray of that astonishing sun that gives life and the motivation to move forward.

This is a long-term goal for Cult Critic and Human Lab Corporation, the company which is running the film magazine, Calcutta International Cult Film Festival and distributes independent films globally. A positive perspective is invaluable and vital in the quest for success. Last year we saw a comprehensive range of filmmakers who set a new benchmark in the world of cinema through some explicit works. This year Cult Critic Magazine welcomes all zealous and fervent filmmakers who not only fought their own battles in representing their films but also created a niche in the world of cinema.

With articles from professional filmmakers, Cult Critic also brings to bear the market trends in digital entertainment and filmmaking worldwide. This is more of a trade publication than a movie tabloid and thus  Cult Critic serves as a network for filmmakers to advertise, share their expertise, interact and grow within a more self-reliant and autonomous structure.

So stay tuned and enjoy this monthly edition.

On the behalf of the Cult Critic Team, I wish you all the best! Move forward zealous filmmakers and with each day become better!




Antonio Rozich

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