Cult Critic Film Magazine: Top 50 Filmmaking Blog and WebsitesGreetings once again and thank you for joining us for this month's edition of Cult Critic Film Magazine! Cult Critic Magazine is the digital voice that speaks to the art and business of independent filmmaking. We unite experienced industry professionals, critics and filmmakers through one convenient online source. Our mission at Cult Critic is to connect, assist and promote the independent filmmakers who are committed to creating spaces for independent cinema and devoted to sharing their experience with professional and emerging filmmakers as well.

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At Cult Critic our publishing staff is always working to bring you the most useful and empowering information from the world of indie and art house filmmaking. From film reviews and interviews with promising, as well as seasoned indie filmmakers, to the technical pros and cons of cinematography, to the financial markets of the global motion picture and digital entertainment industry; our writers are always engaged.

So here we are. Another issue published in the name of the Arts. Cinema is the one unique art form, offering the technology to filmmakers today, which encompasses anything you can imagine. So stay connected! There's much more to come from HLC Studios and Cult Critic Film Magazine.

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Need to know the reception of your film from the perspective of a film watcher? Want powerful publicity that will get people into festivals to watch your film and request it on Netflix? Then the Critical Review service is for you. Our reviewers are film enthusiasts who enjoy Indie films as much as Hollywood films. They’ll give your film a fair shake and tell other viewers what they liked and what didn’t work for them in a short, succinct review that’s great for press kits and marketing.


Designed for filmmakers to learn how to make better films and for a filmmaking audience. Critiques are published here at Cult Critic to provide help for both the submitting filmmakers and for our readers. Remember, these are NOT film reviews, which are for general publicity and public interest, but are instead film critiques which are done by trained filmmakers to help you make better films. Most critiques are two to four times longer than a review due to the depth and scope.


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